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February 23, 2018


This Time the Dream’s on Me

  • 1. On a Misty Night 9:52
  • 2. Suddenly It's Spring 5:27
  • 3. Nutville 6:10
  • 4. Teach Me Tonight 5:48
  • 5. Stablemates 4:11
  • 6. Bye Bye Baby 8:18
  • 7. Bluesy Lucy 7:59
  • 8. Soon 8:41
  • 9. One By One 5:52
  • 10. This Time the Dream's On Me 7:14

Early reviews of "This Time the Dream's on Me": BILL HARRIS QUINTET/This Time the Dream's on Me: You're 63 and you have to follow up a smashing late-in-life debut. What do you do? How about come out with a small group date that shows the one before was no fluke. The sax man leads his crew through a set card of oldies that pretty much haven't been beaten to death finding a freshness and snap that makes it all younger than springtime. A wonderful breath of musical fresh air, let's hope his new found career as a band leader keeps rolling along like this. If you ever had a taste for those then indie jazz label smoking combo sessions, this set brings the sound into the present, keeps the vibe intact and simply blows your mind. A non-stop mainstream groover's paradise. --Chris Spector, Midwest Record Review *** BILL HARRIS QUINTET/This Time the Dream's on Me: Portland reedman Harris follows up a terrific recording from a year or so ago with another grand day in the studio. He is obviously a believer in the richness and vitality of the American Songbook. As a result, we’re treated to “Suddenly It’s Spring,”“Teach Me Tonight,” “Soon,” “Bye Bye Baby” and the title tune itself. To complete the temptation, add some heralded jazz compositions like Tadd Dameron’s “On A Misty Night,” Horace Silver’s “Nutville,” Benny Golson’s “Stablemates,” and Wayne Shorter’s “One by One.” The “required” blues is a Harris original, “Bluesy Lucy.” Once again, Harris employs a lineup of outstanding Portland-area players in Paul Mazzio, trumpet and flugelhorn, George Mitchell, piano, Dave Captein, bass, and Dick Berk, drums. To be succinct, let’s just say that this is the way records used to be made, but it’s a rare occurrence now. Steve Hall has arranged these tunes in a fresh, vital manner, allowing all the players generous wiggle room for solos. And the ensemble passages just “sing” these great songs. Harris himself sounds very much at home, quite comfortable in his interpretations and improvisations without ever putting too much frosting on the cake. Nice going - you’ve done it again! --George Fendel, KMHD Radio *** BILL HARRIS QUINTET/This Time the Dream's on Me: Just want to thank you for the newest release from Bill Harris, "This Time the Dream's on Me". Thanks from all of us at KPOV for having this really great recording to add to our library, and you can be sure it will get air time on my show, Straight, No Chaser. --William Johnson. KPOV FM *** BILL HARRIS QUINTET/This Time the Dream's on Me: Solid mainstream jazz, no fluff and no pretence, just great jazz! I know Bill Harris and he never disappoints! His music will be featured for many months to come for sure. Thank you for sending me this CD --Peter Kuller - Jazz Presenter Radio Adelaide, AUSTRALIA *** BILL HARRIS QUINTET/This Time the Dream's on Me: This was released just a few weeks ago, but it sounds like a classic for the ages. Lots of brass and piano make the whole thing sound very orchestral and add energy to the tracks, even the slow ones. As a result, you don’t hear a lot of crazy solos flying every which way, but you do have a lot of cohesion that makes for a smooth finish every time. It's got just a hint of blues to it. Despite the energy, most of the album is pretty laid back and supper club-esque, which is always hip. It’s a toe-tapper rather than a body-shaker, but you should feel free to do either. Great album. Sounds Like: John Coltrane, Robert Hurst, Louis Armstrong Recommended Tracks: 1 On a Misty Night: great for a soothing evening, perhaps at dinner-time to aid the digestion [5 stars] 2 Suddenly It’s Spring: a bit more fast-paced, great for dancing, still smooth [5 stars] 7 Bluesy Lucy: slow and soulful [4 stars] ---Daniel Witter, 03/20/2013 ***

"This Time the Dream's on Me" debuted at #4 in "Top Adds" in national radio airplay on it's debut week, and then settled in at #33 nationally.